Old Metal Thermos Set of 3 with Stoppers & Cups - Stanley & Uno Vac


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3 - Old Metal Thermoses

The outsides are dinged up, some outside rust and show signs of lots of use.  The insides are all clean and useable.

All 3 include the cups.

They don't leak - work just fine

Aladdin Stanley No. 100 Cup No. A-944B Quart with No. 11 Stopper.  It does have initials carved into the bottom.  It is 13.25" tall including the cup.

Aladdin Stanley No. 100 Cup No 11 Stopper No. A-9438 Pint.  There is a name and initials carved into the bottom of this one as well. The cup is a little more dented but it still holds liquid and works just fine.  It is 11" tall including the cup.

Uno-Vac has a serial number 2001075 on the bottom.  It is 12.75" tall including the cup.


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