Pursuit L.Ron Hubbard Battlefield Earth Japanese Edn Shun Kijima 150/1500 Framed


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L. Ron Hubbard's Battlefield Earth

Japanese Edition Volume 1

Painting by Shun Kijima #150 of 500

The above is engraved on the plaque below the print

18" x 25.5" Reveal

27" x 38" Overall size

Limited edition #150 of 500 printed.

Professionally framed - The frame does have a few dings and the backing has some holes.  See photos.

There is some warping of the print and matting.  I don't think anything is damaged, but you can see it.  See photos.

There is even a dried bug inside front bottom - Kind of fits the whole mood.

From the BattlefieldEarth site:


by Shun Kijima

“The thing was roaring down the side path behind him. Now it was turning … There it was, wisps of smoke coming out of its nostrils.”

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